‎Welcome to FC Transfer, the most reliable transfer agency in the Dominican Republic!‎

‎Today, we want to talk to you about our transfer services to Cabrera, a beautiful coastal city located in the province of Maria Trinidad Sánchez. With FC Transfer, you can enjoy your holiday worry-free, as we take care of the entire transfer process, from your place of origin to your final destination in Cabrera.‎

‎Our most popular destinations in Cabrera include the boardwalk, where you can enjoy a pleasant hike while admiring the beautiful coastal scenery. In addition, we also offer services to Cabo Frances Viejo, a perfect place for nature and adventure lovers. There, you can go hiking, enjoy the beach and admire the marine fauna.‎

‎Another of our destinations in Cabrera is the Salado Roll, an ideal place for lovers of tranquility and relaxation. There, you can enjoy a relaxing day on the river, take a bath and enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds you.‎

‎At FC Transfer, we have a team of highly trained professionals and state-of-the-art vehicles, guaranteeing you a comfortable, safe and smooth trip. Do not wait any longer, make your reservation with us and enjoy an unforgettable vacation in Cabrera!‎




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